Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bunting Banner

Yesterday we shared the planning and execution of my niece's first birthday party. Our sister decided on a 'Pink Lemonade' theme, and Kristin and I jumped at the chance to help. Check it out here. My contribution was the 'Happy Birthday' bunting banner.

The idea for the banner itself came from my sister, who saw what she wanted here. So I set out to reproduce it as best I could.
My first step was to go back and find this post from How About Orange where she made a bunting banner, which I found here. What I really wanted was the outline and not the cute image.

So what I did was drag the image into Photoshop and erased the image while keeping the outline. Then I drew my own text-box. I chose to use the font Imprint MT Shadow for the letters and made them a light pink. Then I simply went through and spelt out "Happy Birthday Jocelyn" letter by letter and using the "Save As" option to create a new image for each letter. Finally I printed them each out on white card stock.

The next step was to cut the triangles out. Not trusting myself to cut straight lines with siscors, I used a paperslicer, making sure I lined up each page the same so they were equal sizes.

Using a three-hole punch, I punched holes at the top of each triangle on both sides.

I then used pink ribbon to tie the triangles together. Ideally I would just string the ribbon straight through, but I was afraid I wouldn't have enough, so I cut tiny pieces to tie each word together instead. My sister then hung the banner on the day of the party. She used the excess ribbon to tie loops at the end of each word and then taped them to the wall.

Come back tomorrow when Kristin will share how she made the pom-pom decorations for the party!

Happy Crafting,

I linked this post here:

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