Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Forget Door Hanger

In our little apartment we don't have any entry way to speak of. We also don't have a front closet so we had to be a little creative. I found a wonderful coat tree at Ikea that fits perfectly beside the front door. Then I put a little mat under it so our shoes can sit there nicely. The only thing that was missing was a place to hang our keys, place our phone, and put mail. 

I did the only thing that you can do when your stuck... I ran to Pinterest. After a long search I found the perfect solution. This is my inspiration for the project.

Here's what you need:
Door Hanger Template (You can download my template here.)
Thread and Needle
Glue Gun

Step One
I first made a template and made sure that the door hanger would be wide enough to fit a standard envelope. Then I traced the template onto cardboard so that it would be sturdy enough to hang my phone and keys.

Step Two
Then I cut the fabric just a little bit bigger than my template. For sewing you'll want to cut out two pieces of fabric. I found a beautiful, green, sturdy fabric that was perfect for this project.

Step Three
Sew the fabric together. That is way easier than it sounds. I don't have a sewing machine so I tried to do it by hand. I am ok with a needle and thread, but when it came time to sew around the the circle cut-out, I got stuck.

Maybe if you have more experience you would be able to do this. I just decided to use what I know. So... step three, glue the fabric to cardboard. 
Step Four
Add pockets. I would suggest adding the smaller ones first and then working your way down to the bigger ones. I didn't think mine through and had a hard time added the one for my cell phone (and a little tip, don't put your phone in the pocket to test it until it is dry... your phone might get stuck to the hanger and give you a heart attack). 

Step Five
Add the finishing touches. I choose to wrap jute around the outside edge of mine. I also made a cute little flower to add to it.

This is now working perfectly on my front door. I will never forget to mail that important letter, grocery list, or Metro Pass. You could also make this for your child's room to help them stay organized. The possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. CUTE. I need to make one of these! Thanks for sharing with my party, Kristin!


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