Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Flattened Pennies Display

On my vacations I always like to have a little souvenir of my trip, usually I go for a flattened penny. I'm sure you've seen the machines, set up in every tourist destination. My problem came when I had built up my collection – what to do with them all?

So I came up with the idea to put them on display. I found a frame at the good old dollar store that acted like a bit of a window/display box. I taped the nine pennies I had onto a piece of blue card stock and hung it up.

See, pretty and kept my mementos on display so I could see them whenever I wanted. But of course as time went on I collected some more and so I needed to expand to a second frame. This time instead of nine in each frame I went with six, and exchanged the blue card stock for some yellow paper I had in my collection.

To decide where each penny went I used my sister's method from her Gallery Wall Art, and then used simple double sided tape from my scrap booking supplies to fix the pennies to the paper. Presto! The great part is that the double sided tape is strong enough to hold up the pennies so no super glue required.

And the great part is that there is room in each frame to expand in when I get a couple new pennies.

And in case you are curious here are the places where my pennies are from. They were either picked up by my parents or myself on various trips:
- London Eye
- National Zoo, Washington D.C.
- Epcot Center, Walt Disney World
- Holland
- Ripley's Believe it or Not, Niagara Falls, Ontario
- M&M World, Las Vegas
- Casa Loma, Toronto, Ontario
- The Big Apple, Colborne, Ontario
- Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, Michigan (2)
- Busch Gardens, Florida
- Elk County, Pennsylvania

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  1. What a great idea. I used to love flattening pennies at the machines at the zoo and disneyland. I'd love for you to come share your post at my link party.


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