Thursday, May 31, 2012

Card Making Time

As I had mentioned before, when I'm feeling creative and have some time I like to make a bunch of cards so I can stock up. So today I'm going to share some of my latest cards and a little about how I made them.

For all my cards I use a a standard size of half of a 8 1/2 by 11 which I then fold in half. The great part about it is that each paper can make two cards and the card also fit easily into standard sized envelopes.

For this birthday card I used a letter stamp set to spell out 'happy birthday' and then a flower stamp to decorate around it. I thought the blue ribbon complimented the soft pink nicely. It turned out to be a nice card that would work for a girl of any age.

This thank you car was a little out of my element, but I think it came together nicely. The flower was hand drawn with just a regular pen, and then I used my mom's craft scissors to cut the jagged edges along the card.

This was just a random card, it was a new stamp so I wanted to try it out. Overall I just went for a simple look with a couple of ribbons to bring some texture and colour.

This was another card that came together. I traced out both the flower and the little hart, and used some little trivets to attach the 'thank you' note to the card.

So that was another foray into my card-making adventures. Who knows, maybe I inspired you to make some cards of your own???

Happy Crafting,

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