Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day Anchor Card

I know this is a little late, but my mom finally got my Mother's Day card for her in the mail yesterday, so now I can share it with you.

I came up with the idea for the card after spotting half of her present here on Etsy. It's a cute little anchor bracelet that just screamed 'Mom' when I saw it. Anchors have a special meaning behind them for my mom, so don't worry, this wasn't just some random gift. (P.S. - The bracelet arrived in under a month and was just as it looked like in the picture, if you are thinking of getting one for yourself).

But back to the card that I made to go with this little gift. I took an embroidery approach to this card, going with a navy blue and white contrast with paper and thread.

I started with white cardstock, cutting it half to 8 1/2 by 5, and then folded again in half so the front of the card measured 4 1/4 by 5. Then I cut out a piece of navy cardstock to fit on top.

Then I drew a line with pencil a little bit away from the top and bottom of the card so that I could embroider with navy blue thread along it. I had to pre-punch holes along the line to embroider through because the cardstock is pretty thick and hard to get through with a needle without a little bit of work.

For the anchor I found an image through Google, printed it out and then cut around it. I then traced it out on a piece of navy cardstock, pre-punched holes along the outline and then embroidered around it.

After that it was as simple as gluing the anchor on the navy cardstock onto the white card.

The card turned out just like I hoped and went perfectly with the bracelet!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Hi! Visiting from a link party. Ohhh.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this card! Im beyond obsessed with anchors.. what a great mothers day gift :)

    Im your newest follower! Would love a follow back if you like my site too! And if you want please share this at my Friday link party starting tonight. Off to check out your site some more :)


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