Friday, June 22, 2012

Baby It's HOT Outside!

For the past couple days I've been suffering through a heat wave which will hopefully end this weekend. Living in a house without air conditioning means I have to get creative with the ways I stay cool. So I thought I would just share a couple of the ways I'm trying to beat the heat:

When I moved in to this apartment in the middle of the summer two years ago it was wickedly hot so my parents kindly bought me a fan that I keep upstair in my room. But downstairs in my living room I still needed something, so I found this cute little fan at Winners and scooped it up. What I especially like about it is that it doesn't take up a lot of space in my small living room, and it looks cute, not like a ugly plastic fan that takes over the entire room.

During the summer I like to take my showers at night as a way to help cool myself down. I keep the water temperature down, and at the end I rinse off in cold water so I'm not sweating when I get out. It also helps because it means I don't have to blow dry my hair in the morning and make myself hotter.

Most summers the heat causes me to cut my hair short because its become too hot and heavy on my neck. This summer my hair grew out to a good length so I was determined to let it continue to grow out. The solution? Keeping my hair up in a bun. It really is the perfect solution: I'm amazed what a simple hairstyle can do!

Water, is of course, an obvious solution to the heat problem. I especially like to make good use of my Brita water jug and insulated cup. Cold water is especially refreshing on a hot day, and my cup is nice to carry around the house, and because of the insulation it keeps the cut from sweating on the outside and making everything it's on wet.

During the day when I'm not home I like to keep my upstairs window's curtain closed to keep the sun from heating up the room. Having a dark curtain is especially helpful and I've really noticed a difference. And since I'm not home during the day it doesn't matter that the room is dark.

As a recent convert from glasses to contacts I never fully understood the full benefits of sunglasses. I picked up a cheep pair and already I can't live without them. They're more than just a fashion statement, they help ward off headaches and give my eyes a break from the sun when I'm driving.

Do you have any helpful tips to help keep cool during the hot summer days?

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. We live in North Carolina and have super hot and humid summers, so we would have a very difficult time living without air conditioning. Our walkout basement stays very cool without air, though. When we lived in SoCal we didn't have air conditioning and my husband would put a box fan in the window facing out and open a window on the cooler side of the house to create a breeze. It worked very well. Stopping by from Freckled Laundry.


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