Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Coca-Cola Birthday Card

As Kristin mentioned yesterday, this past weekend we celebrated our dad's birthday and Father's Day. My gift and card centred around a Coca-Cola theme. I found a recipe book which had recipes that all had Coca-Cola as one of the ingredients. I also found a 3-D puzzle in the shape of a Coca-Cola can. So there was no question I should make a Coke card to tie it all together.

I first went and found a Coke-ish font, Loki Cola, found here.

Then I found a clip-art picture of a can of pop. I imported into Adobe Illustrator and traced it out on a second layer, in red. And then I wrote 'Happy Birthday' in Loki Cola and made it slant across the can in red.

After that it was just a matter of printing it out and putting it on a card. I went with a layering effect, with the red paper as the base of my card and then layering white and red to make it a little more special.

And then I put out a small piece of white paper to put inside the card to write my message on.

I'm really happy with how the card turned out and it really completed my gift! The perfect card for the Coca-Cola lover!

Happy Crafting,

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