Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two Pinterest Projects

Today I decided it was time to tackle a couple of pins I had on Pinterest. And because I chose two small ones, I thought I'd give you both in one blog post.

The first project was a ribbon hairband, the pin of which comes from The Crafty Scientist.

I simply grabbed 4 hair elastics and two ribbons and got to work.
The first step was two tie two hair eleastics together with a knot, pretty easy.

Then I measured the ribbon around my head, cut it, and used a combination of fabric glue and hot glue to attach the ribbon to the hair elastics.

And there, you have it, two cute ribbon headbands. I just love how you can really personalize this with any type of ribbon for any type of outfit or occasion!

And then my second little project was a scarf hanging idea I pinned a while back from Be Different Act Normal. 

I already had the scarves and the hanger, so I picked up some shower curtain rings for $1.50.

It was nice to just hang the thick scarves through the rings, and then I tied a know with the thin ones so they wouldn't fall out.

Happy Crafting,

PS: Here's where we link up.

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