Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A little rec-room TLC

While I don't have my own house to renovate just yet, I do like to dream up projects for my parent's house. Lately my mom and I have been talking about what could be done for their rec-room in the basement. They've already done some work to it, mainly taking out the wet bar that the old owners had there and putting the washer and dryer in its place. But it has been sitting untouched for a while now, so I thought I'd come up with some ideas.
Here is what the room looks like now:

And here is a little handmade room layout so you can see how the room is really set up.

Two big projects my mom has in mind are first enclosing off the laundry area with a wall and a pocket door, and second to get a new ceiling installed. I also want to hopefully soon paint the brick on the fireplace white.
I also came up with this little inspiration board on Polyvore. I'm thinking a light grey colour on the wall would be nice, as well as a big dark sectional couch where the whole family can pile on to watch movies. Across the back wall where the desk is I can see a lot of white/cream bookcases where my parents can store all of their books and accessories. I also included a large piece of colourful art to make a punch as well as a statement chair (not necessarily that fabric or colour). And finally I thought I nice cream carpet with a little bit of a pattern would be nice as well as a metal and wood coffee table to go in the centre of the room.
mom's recroom
I know my parents, besides closing off the laundry area and working on the ceiling, want to fix up above the fireplace so that they can hang a TV above it which would be a nice focal spot in the room.
What do you think? Do you have any suggestions for my mom on how to bring some more light and colour to this room, without totally breaking the bank?

Happy Decorating,

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  1. Oh what a pretty inspiration board! I love your ideas!

  2. You're off to a great start! My first thought was, yes, close off the laundry area. I'm thinking that a slipcover for the couch in a light, neutral color would also brighten things up. Looks like you have enough lighting from the ceiling. I also think painting the fireplace will really brighten up the room as well.

    1. Thanks for the ideas, I'll definitely pass them along to my parents.


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