Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Peep Anniversary Party: Part 2

As promised here is the rest of our peep party. Feel free to turn on Shaggy's Angel again to set the mood. It really is a fun song. We listened to it a couple of times throughout the day.
Here's a nice look at our table. If you missed yesterday's post you can find it here. There I showed you our peep garland, the beautiful cake, our lovely cookies, and the candy jars.

Of course, no peep party is complete with a lot of peeps. Who knew they were so photogenic.

Now for a part that I've very proud of; the egg candles. This wasn't an Easter party, but the eggs went with our colour scheme and the discount candy we had on the table.
These were so much fun to make. Even Mr. Firefly had to come and take part. I used eggs that I was already using for baking. I carefully tapped on the top of the eggs and just took off a little to get the egg out. Then I rinsed them out so there would be no egg left in the shells.
I didn't have any vinegar so I used lemon juice, water, and food colouring. I really thought it was neat how the purple turned out a little specked because I mixed red and blue.
I found some old candles, took out their wicks, and melted them down. The wicks were the perfect height to fit in the egg shells.

I poured in the wax and I had egg shell candles. If I were to do it again I would buy my own wicks. They sort of toppled over when I poured in the wax and weren't centered anymore. When we lit them the shells started to burn and smell like rotten egg. But they were very pretty unlit.

Last week I had mentioned that I made some hair bows for my niece. These were in a basket with some bunnies I made from here. She loves to have stuff off the grown-up table, so this way she could have something from the table.
I hope you loved our peep party! I had a lot of fun planning for it and the party was a success. Of course it helped that my niece started walking! We had a lot of fun trying to get her to walk to each of us.

Next weekend we are celebrating our grandparents' 12.5th wedding anniversary. In Dutch tradition this is a big anniversary because it is half of 25. It is so inspiring to have so many people in my life with strong marriages. I love to be able to celebrate with my family.

Happy Crafting,

Just wanted to let you know that we will be participating in a Trading Blogs Party! There is still time to sign up so head over to Serendipity and Spice.

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