Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dual-Purpose Cooler

If you wonder where we get our crafty side, it is from my mom! She's letting us share her latest project, a little cooler upgrade. We've had this little blue cooler around for as long as I can remember. It's come with us on camping trips, to parks and has played a role in parties in our backyard. My mom wanted to give it a face list, as well as turn it into a sitting bench for the backyard.

We don't have a proper 'before' picture, but you can see in the picture below the colour blue it was.

My mom simply sanded down the cooler and then spray painted the cooler red to start with. It worked well to cover the blue, except she had trouble with the handles.

The next step was to make a seat. For the base she used an old school desk top and bought some foam and some outdoor fabric to cover it with.

She used an electric knife to cut the foam to size, and she said it 'cut like butter' it was so easy. To attach it to the table top she used spray adhesive. Finally she wrapped the fabric around the whole thing.

We think she did a great job. She still has plans to attach the seat to the cooler with velcro and fix up the handles. But it is such a nice addition to the backyard and is so handy to store pop in and provide some extra seating outside.

Happy Crafting,

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