Monday, May 7, 2012

Organizing Life

I hope you all had a great weekend! I had a lot of fun getting ready for going back to school. I know I am about 4 months too early for all of you, but I've been organizing, setting a schedule, and buying supplies. This year I've decided that not only am I going to organized at school, but also in my entire life. I started by looking for ideas on (where else?) Pinterest. Here are some of my goals along with their Pinspiration.

1. Make healthy and exciting lunches for school. No fast food!

Family Fresh Cooking
2. Keep the apartment clean. Do cleaning a bit every day instead of waiting to do everything on Saturday.
Little Green Notebook
3. Keep the desk organized and craft supplies tidy.

Better Homes and Gardens

4. Eat healthy and use my fridge as a tool to do that. We do put our pop in the veggie drawers. I'm not sure how much it helps.

5. Make my bed every day. This sounds easy and/or pointless, but a made bed makes the whole house seem cleaner.

Sheridan French

Needless to say my house is full of fruit and veggies and the hubby and I took full advantage of the sunshine this weekend. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum past the first week of classes. What some tips you have for staying organized?

Happy Crafting,

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  1. You go girl! I only wish I had your kind of enthusiasm. =D I usually attempt to get organized then get overwhelemed with how much needs to be organized, and then give up all together. =P if you have the time, I'd love for you to share on Sweet Sharing Monday!

  2. I love the pillow diagrams. You're right, a made bed makes everything better. I don't always make it on the weekend, and I feel like a horrible slob.:(


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